01. Write your name, application number and telephone/mobile number at the back of your demand draft.
02. Paste latest photograph in the box provided and sign at the bottom of the application form.

01. Please read the Application Document carefully before submitting the Application.
02. Write name of the applicant as given in PAN card (Permanent Account Number issued by the Income Tax Department).
03. Write father's/mother's name of applicant as given in PAN card.
04. Write name of spouse of the applicant (if married).
05. Permanent account number of applicant needs to be given.
06. Give detail of bank account of applicant. If an applicant has withdrawn money from any other accountor firm's account or company's account, the bank details of the first applicant whose name is given in the application form needs to be given. These bank details would be printed on the refund cheque along with the name and refund cheque can be deposited in that account, if name of the applicant and bank particulars match with the bank's records. Provide IFSC Code to enable refund directly to the account.
07. Give phone number with STD code, mobile number and email id if any. It would be in the interest of the applicant to give these details as it helps the Authority to contact the applicant in case of any need.
08. Residential address of the applicant needs to be given.
09. Correspondence address for dispatch of refund cheque/demand-cum-allotment letter to be mentioned.

  I have read all the instructions carefully. In case any column is not filled up properly/filled wrongly, I shall be solely liable for the rejection of my Application.